Lens-Artists Challenge: The Sky Above

I Think It’s Nice That We Share The Same Sky,” says Sophie to her father in Aftersun, a movie about parenthood, growing up, connection, and loss. It’s nice that we share the same sky because, in a way, we’re together under this sky even when we’re apart.

If the sky can connect us with loved ones far away, it can also connect us to ourselves – the version of ourselves that we used to be. It’s still the same sky. It’s just that the planets and the stars have moved across the sky so many times, each one describing its own movement, its signature, over and over again.

I look at my photos and I see not so much places but moments in time. But I also see myself, that invisible self that used to be behind the camera. I see how I used to feel, how I used to be, how that photo was connected to the rest of my life at that very moment.

Posted for Amy’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

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