Playing With Texture: short photo story

Textures speak to that deeper part of us that reacts and wakes up to sounds, touch, color, light and shadow. No words needed. Words can describe, explain, interpret, justify, but the emotional connection is already there.

Running my hand across the bark of tree trunks as I find my way into the forest, my eyes closed.

Touching a skin that trembles and comes alive like a fire finally bursting from under the firewood.

The pure pleasure of watching the endless ripples of raindrops in a pond on a summer evening.

A lot of my memories are not so much amount how things looked or what I thought about them. It’s how they felt.

How they felt when touched, how they felt on my skin, their emotional imprint.

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, led by Jude from Cornwall in Colors, I chose a few photos in black and white. I find that restricting the means of expression (in this case, removing color) helps bring out that emotional core of compositions that focus on textures.

18 Comments on “Playing With Texture: short photo story

  1. By removing the colour element your eye focuses on the textures and patterns. Although I love the way you have captured the ice and the water droplets the image that I find really interesting is the leaves – it has to be enlarged to appreciate it. Thanks for joining in with the textures challenge Florin.
    Jude xx

  2. These are beautiful Florin. I agree w Jude, it’s imperative that they are enlarged to be fully-appreciated. Of the set I particularly loved the fern and the final image of leaves.

  3. The words from your fingers are a natural poetry bringing life to your photos. And yet, your photos energy speak for themselves. Yes, it’s about how it feels and you certainly helped us visual that. the fern was my favorite.

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