Smells like spring

There is no way of attaching smells to photos or videos as of yet. But smells are a big part of how we experience places, relations, and time.

Smells have an emotional footprint. I go through a forest and there are minute changes to the cocktail of smells I am exposed to. I react emotionally to these changes way before I am aware of them. These smells speak directly to a part of my brain that is much older than my prefrontal cortex.

It’s freshness and joy and sadness and nostalgia all mixed together. It’s old memories of places and moments I’ve long forgotten but they are still somehow lingering in my olfactive memory.

It smells of spring.

It smells like this particular place and moment, different from anything that ever was or will be. But it brings back all the springs since the beginning of time.

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3 thoughts on “Smells like spring

  1. I agree that seasons have their own smell. Man, the photo of the beach, I could have taken it here in California! I think it’s because of the Ice Plant (the succulent green and red plant) that has been introduced from Europe and now is all over the West Coast. Nice selection of spring photos. The spiral is lovely.

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