This is my photography and storytelling blog.

A blog about the power of stories. The stories we tell with words or with photos. The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we are told. What makes them work? What makes them charm, convince, hurt or heal? I’m interested in how stories can move us forward or break us down.

  • A New Experience
    Most of what we do as humans – at least most of what’s of significance – is done in silence and far from the limelight. This applies to photography too. Although photography is meant to be shared, published, exposed, almost everything that leads up to the point where we have something to publish is solitary […]
  • New Blog Address
    I have just transferred my blog from florinpopa.blog to florinpopa.eu. The old site redirects to the new one, as you can see in the address bar. I would kindly ask those who want to keep on seeing my new posts to follow the new site. There will be no more updates at the old blog […]
  • Finding Peace
    Deep in the forest, where sunlight miraculously reaches through a maze of branches and warms up the budding flowers hidden in the shadow of old trees. The footpath lies ahead like an invitation.
  • Carnival
    Just before the first spring flowers pop out of the snow and before Lent, the 40-day fasting period before Easter, something colorful and outrageous happens in villages and towns across Belgium. It’s carnival time and people come together to celebrate in excess, just as later on they used to congregate to celebrate in fasting and […]
  • Through the Looking Glass
    It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve been working on my photo project focusing on autism. So far I’ve visited eight participants, some of them two or three times. I’d like to share some observations on how it is to actually do this as compared to what I imagined or expected.
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