This is my photography and storytelling blog.

A blog about the power of stories. The stories we tell with words or with photos. The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we are told. What makes them work? What makes them charm, convince, hurt or heal? I’m interested in how stories can move us forward or break us down.

  • Lens-Artists Challenge: The Sky Above
    “I Think It’s Nice That We Share The Same Sky,” says Sophie to her father in Aftersun, a movie about parenthood, growing up, connection, and loss. It’s nice that we share the same sky because, in a way, we’re together under this sky even when we’re apart. If the sky can connect us with loved […]
  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves
    We live within stories.  Often we have a hard time recognizing stories as stories. There are folk tales, bedtime stories, short stories, novels, movies, video games. But there are also national myths, collective stories of greatness, and mental scripts we keep repeating to ourselves. And they can greatly influence how we behave, think, and feel. […]
  • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Mood
    The train won’t be on time. The vegetation has long taken over these abandoned tracks. I’m standing here as the sun goes down and this incredibly warm light washes over me. In the background, everything lits up like a giant bonfire. I discovered these abandoned train tracks somewhere on the border between Belgium and The […]
  • The Stories We Live In
    I would lie if I said that I started this blog having a detailed plan for going forward. But one thing I knew well: it would be about storytelling and the power of stories. It would be about how stories take hold of us, enlighten us or push us into submission, make us happy or […]
  • What Makes You Happy?
    Looking back, I realize that for a long time I did not know very well how to make myself happy. I didn’t really know how to take steps in order to get closer to the situations, projects, mindset, values, emotions, or relations that would be conducive to happiness. What’s more, I wasn’t prepared to allow […]
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