About me

I am a Brussels-based photographer working mainly on long-term projects with a social dimension. My projects include Autism Stories, which explores the lives of people with autism, and Invisible Borders, which focuses on country border areas and how they influence relationships and landscapes.

I combine documentary photography, writing, video, and audio in order to uncover the stories behind the subject. I am interested in storytelling and how it can be used to facilitate both individual and social change.

Through photography, I try to better understand how stories are created and how they work.

We use stories to make sense of what is happening, find meaning, and cope with problems. Sometimes this helps: through stories we find fresh meaning, rekindle motivation, connect with others.

But there are also stories that reinforce fragility and tend to keep us captive. Narratives that keep us stuck in fear, helplessness, and dependence.

Stories are a double-edged sword. They can be used to build or destroy, to strengthen or to weaken. I want to understand not only what makes great stories work, what makes them inspire and move to action, but also how to break the spell of toxic stories we tell ourselves.

From time to time, I am sending short texts focused on one photo or a small series of photos. I write about the way these photos are connected to issues that affects us all, about the way I build photo projects, or about other photographers whose work I admire. In order to receive these texts by email, you can subscribe below: